Raspberry Pi Setup Instructions

This page contains a parts list and setup instructions for a Raspberry Pi HiveMind client, connected to the internet via WiFi.

The setup script requires a Linux PC with internet access, a terminal, a MicroSD card reader, and at least 2.5 GB of free space. (It might work on MacOS but has not been tested.)

Parts List

Setup Instructions

  • Insert the SD card into the PC.
  • Download and run the setup script:
    wget 'https://gitlab.com/kqhivemind/hivemind/-/raw/master/client/pi_setup.sh?inline=false' -O pi_setup.sh
    chmod +x pi_setup.sh
    sudo ./pi_setup.sh
  • When prompted, enter your wireless network information, scene and cabinet name, and cabinet token.
  • Optionally, enter the path to your SSH authorized keys file. This will allow you to SSH to the Raspberry Pi.
  • The script will download a Raspberry Pi OS Lite image and install it to the SD card, along with several configuration files and setup scripts. Wait for the script to finish.
  • Remove the SD card from the PC and insert it into the Raspberry Pi.
  • Plug the ethernet adapter into the USB port on the Raspberry Pi. Connect the ethernet cable directly from the adapter to the computer's network port inside the cabinet.
  • Connect the power adapter to the PWR IN port on the Raspberry Pi and plug it in.
  • The Pi will run through its initial setup, then reboot.